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How to Sell Books As a Self-Publisher



One simple, straight-to-the-point eBook series holds the answer. Read on >>

Do you recognize this face?

skepticalIt’s the face of your skeptical family member or friend when she finds out that you’ve decided to become an “author.”

She says to herself, yea right, who is s/he kidding? *scoff*

This is the family member, friend, or colleague that’s doubted you for years and laughed when she or he heard you were self-publishing a book or trying to start a business.

If you’re like me, you’ve got an entrepreneurial mindset–you don’t like to go along with the bunch. And that’s gotten you a lot of skeptical looks and behind the back smirks from your family members, friends, and colleagues.
“Who does he think he is anyway?”
“Why can’t he just get a regular job?”
“Who would be interested in buying his little ‘book’? Not me!”
You know the drill. There’s always at least one family member, friend, colleague, or acquaintance who finds joy in taking jabs at you, either in your face or behind your back about your dreams.

It’s time to wipe that smirk off his or her face by generating a profit from selling your self-published books.

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How to Sell Books – The Back Story

Years ago, I quit my comfortable Marketing job to focus on my very  first self-published book (a photography book). Yes, I quit my job in hopes that my not-yet published book would be a hit!

I had so much confidence that I would learn how to sell books hand-over-foot and it would be a wild success that I established a business bank account, borrowed $10,000, printed thousands of these books and quit my job.

Do you want to know how that turned out? Well then read on. (Can you guess?)



How to Sell Books


That’s What You’ll Learn Here — How to Get Your Books into the hands of readers … Not a Trickle Here and There, but Thousands in a Short Period of Time.


First of all, let’s be truthful with each other–you may have bought into the self-publishing hype as did thousands of other self-publishers. Don’t feel bad, I did too.


Maybe you saw so many other people self-publishing books, and thought “Why can’t that be me?” So you decided to jump on in, even though you didn’t really know how to sell books, didn’t have a solid reader base and didn’t do any market research.


Or maybe you did do research and found that there was a market for your type of book but you just haven’t been able to reach those readers.


cardboardboxesSo now you are a little desperate to figure out how to sell books faster — you want to learn various ways to move those square brown cardboard boxes full of books out of your door. Maybe your POD books or eBooks are growing dust in cyberworld, having never been seen or read by anyone except your parents, sisters, cousins, and friends. You need some advice from someone who has been there and done that on how to sell books using solid, proven methods.


There is a chance for your book. If you truly believe in your work, the book offers something of value to readers, you’re motivated to learn how to sell books, and are willing to put in some work, don’t give up!


I want my advice to renew your excitement and anticipation regarding your self-published book. Boy, if only I knew what I know now when I self-published my very first book!

– Do you want to get a solid grasp of how to sell eBooks?


– Do you want to learn how to plan a book signing?


– Are you trying to figure out how to sell books to distributors?


– Still struggling with how to sell out of your first set of printed books?



All of these needs and more are addressed in my new eBook on how to sell books:


“How to Sell Books As a Self Publisher Series”


> This is Real Advice from One Experienced Self-Publisher (me) to Another (YOU!) on how to sell books using the same methods I used.


Click here to learn how this eBook series helps you develop your book marketing plan.

Hey, you can consider yourself a “veteran” self-publisher now. You may not have sold many books, but you still have a good grasp on how things work in the industry at this point, no? And if you are just getting started, you will be somewhat of a pro after you read my e-book on how to sell books.

So as far as my very first self-published book, let’s just say that I did not learn how to sell books quickly as I thought I would after quitting my job. I lost all $10,000 of those dollars, tossed all of those thousands of books in the trash, and struggled for years behind it. My problem was that I had absolutely no plan at that time for how to sell books, my particular book (a book of photos), to the general public.

But fortunately I didn’t give up on self publishing or writing. I went ahead to publish five more books with a clear target market in mind and a solid plan in place.
>And it worked!

I have managed to sell thousands of my own books and the number grows every day thanks to e-publishing. I now work for myself full-time, writing, authoring books and consulting. I’m not a millionaire, and you won’t find me on a late night info-mercial bragging to you about my beach house and fancy car… But I make a modest living on my own (that was my dream after all) and I do know how to sell books. In my eBook series you’ll learn:

– How to develop a simple book marketing plan

– How to sell eBooks online

– How to get people to actually stop, look, and buy your book at a book signing

– How to sell books online and set up your book website

– Selling books to distributors and wholesalers


Keep these important statistics in mind as you set your book selling goals:


Click here to download my eBook series on how to sell books, entitled

“How to Sell Books As a Self Publisher”





1) There are 175,000 books published each year in the United States alone, which calculates to 19 books per hour. Read more book statistics here–>


2) Between 8,000 and 11,000 publishers (mostly
self-publishers) enter the industry every year. How many of them manage to sell 1 million copies? Hmm, not many. That’s one of the reasons why I advocate a more realistic standpoint to selling books as a self-publisher. Source: http://selfpublishingresources.com/resources/books-news-and-publishing-industry-statistics/


3) The average self-publisher is considered to be successful if he or she manages to sell 5,000 copies of his or her book in its entire lifetime. So if you manage to go above that number, you are an exceptional self-publisher.


4) 93% of books published sell less than 1,000 copies and out of about 170,000 books published each year, only 1,000 of them sell over 50,000 copies.


I am quoting you these statistics not to discourage you, but to give you a realistic idea of how self-published (and regularly published) books sell.


So please, please, PLEASE before you go any further. Wake up from any unrealistic goals you have about how many books you’ll sell this year and NOW.


When you have a realistic goal in mind you are more likely to achieve it. Then you can keep setting the goal higher and higher on each round with a renewed sense of optimism. “Yes, I can do this!”


Once you have adjusted your point of view about book sales, you’ll be ready for the information that I want to present to you about how to sell books. I’m coming at you from a very realistic goal: sell 5,000 copies of your book within 1 – 2 years. This is entirely possible if you implement a tight, targeted book marketing campaign for your new book using the tips and methods that I mention in my eBook series. Read on…


Click here to download “11 Keys to Selling Self-Published Books” for FREE (limited time offer)


This How to Sell Books eBook Will Save You Time, Trouble, and Money on Book Marketing


When I first started out selling my 2nd self-published book after that huge failure, I still searched far and wide for someone who could just tell me, in clear, simple language HOW to move some of those books out my living room. Yes, my books were stacked to the ceiling, fresh from the printer. Just sitting there, taunting me yet again: “What is wrong with you? You should have saved your money and kept your job!”


It was rough and very scary — I really did not want to experience yet another failure. But slowly but surely, through much trial and error, I started to catch onto advertising methods that worked for selling my 2nd self-published book consistently. I went on to publish more. Now, with this eBook series on how to sell books, I save you the time, trouble, and trial and error that I had to experience when testing book advertising methods.


How to Sell Books As a Self-Publisher


If the tips and tricks in this eBook on how to sell books worked for my previously obscure, tightly niched books, they can work for you too.


After the first 15 months of publishing my very first novel, I sold approximately 5,000 copies. If I would have known what I know NOW — where to put my investment money, who to target, how to convince people to buy my book — I probably would have sold triple that figure in just a year and saved LOADS of money (and bad experiences) on my tiny self-publisher’s budget.

My eBook series on how to sell books is in the works. This eBook series on how to sell books will re-hype you about the selling potential of your books.

Click Here for a List of Key Resources for Self-Publishers


What’s in the eBook?

  • Find out how you can sell out of your first print run of 500-1000 books in just a month, even if it’s a novel!


  • Learn the #1 feature that readers look at when making a decision on whether or not to buy your book


  • A simple trick that will increase your book signing sales by at least 20%!



  • What to say to someone to close a book sale in a face-to-face meeting



  • How to give your book sales pitch without looking desperate



  • How to make your book irresistible to potential buyers



  • How to sell books to people in a face to face situation — surefire ways to close the book sale with at least 50% of the people who come to your booksigning table



  • How to sell books using creative, unique, and easy methods



  • How to sell books to even the most difficult customers



  • How to sell to and work with distributors and wholesalers



  • What absolutely does NOT work when it comes to book advertising and marketing



  • What advertising techniques absolutely DO work for books.



When you see the prices for the eBook series, you’ll probably smile. Especially compared to the money you’ve probably spent to date on book advertising programs and expensive publicists who promise you the world. I believe that at any price, small publishers everywhere will appreciate this time-saving quality information about how to sell more books.

Download the eBook series

“How to Sell Books As a Self-Publisher”


All of my material contains essential information for any new or experienced self-publisher who wants to stay sane, business-minded, and learn how to sell books profitably.




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